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FMCS Making a Difference

Fort Myers Christian School (FMCS) National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) students created a GoFundMe page and built care kits to help people experiencing homelessness in Lee County.

Earlier in the school year, NJHS students discussed the best way to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were passionate about helping the homeless and met with Janet Bartos, Executive Director of the Lee County Homeless Coalition. Mrs. Bartos shared with students over a Zoom call what homelessness looked like in Lee County and suggested different ways they could help.

NJHS students raised $604 to build care kits. They decided the kits needed to include three necessities: food, toiletries, and a bible for spiritual support. Students created a list of items on Amazon to purchase these items along with reusable drawstring bags.

After budgeting, students were able to create homeless kits that included a toothbrush and two tubes of toothpaste, waterless shower kits, deodorant, a bible, bug spray, a first aid kit, a $25 Publix gift card, and a personal note of encouragement. NJHS students hand-delivered the kits to Mrs. Bartos at the Lee County Homeless Coalition.

“This has been a great experience for our students to go through the process of budgeting, choosing items, and putting together homeless kits,” shared Mr. Jeff Broome, NJHS Coordinator for Fort Myers Christian School. “Our students learned more about what is happening in their community and how they could help others in their time of need.”

“We are proud of the way NJHS students raised funds and care kits for families facing hardship in Lee County,” explained Janet Bartos. “Our community is facing challenges we’ve not experienced before and every young person who got involved through this effort has impacted the future of our community. The actions of NJHS students at FMCS give me hope for our future in Fort Myers.”


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