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What is a curriculum map? The integration of faith and learning is woven through our curriculum and is evident in the maps for teachers, parents and students to see. It is important to note that a curriculum map is NOT a teacher’s lesson plan. It is a constant “work in progress”.

Curriculum is never “finished”. Because curriculum is directly connected to student learners and the events that surround our daily lives, it must change to remain current and relevant with local, state and national guidelines. It is always reviewed and ever-changing. Teachers have worked countless hours to input information on their map so that it will help you see where your student is traveling from grade level to grade level.

Our mission is to work with the home and the church to academically train and spiritually nurture students to become productive citizens in society and impact others for Jesus Christ.

Quick Tips for Searching the FMCS Curriculum Map

Tips for “surfing” our Atlas site: the two tabs above will allow you to Search and Browse through the curriculum:

Search allows you to perform a keyword search (like a Google search) through the units of our curriculum for terms of interest (e.g., fractions, da Vinci, or essay).Important – you can choose one filter, or several of the six filters.

Browse allows you to view, in outline form, an entire course of study, as well as examples of how our courses are aligned to state standards.

Search the FMCS Curriculum Map

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